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About Comat

Comat Metal Products Company is a specialized tinplate manufacturer in China. Having a total investment of over 100 million US dollars, our facilities now cover an area of over 68,000 square meters, and are staffed by over 500 employees, of which over 20% are engineers and technicians.

We now have four electrolytic tinning lines, together with cold rolling machines, trimming machines, cutting lines, and annealing furnaces. Thus, we now have an annual production capability of 250,000 metric tons. Located in Wuxi city, close to Shanghai, the largest port city in China, we have easy access to convenient air, sea, and land transportation, which allows us to ship at reasonable rates for customers.

Products and Advantages
Our products include tinplate sheet coil, food tinplate can, beverage tinplate can, oil tinplate can, and more, which have the following advantages.

1. Our tinplate sheet coil is environment-friendly. As the tinplate sheet can naturally decompose, oxidize and be reduced to its original state of ferric oxide in nature, waste tin can piles will decompose, producing no pollution to the environment, and no trees are harmed in its production, either, so forests are preserved.

2. Our food tinplate can provides a source of iron for consumers when used for packaging fruit and vegetables. To improve corrosion resistance of containers, we generally utilize cans that are painted in the interior, from which a small quantity of iron, beneficial to the body, will dissolve through the electrochemical action of metal. For example, if a 350ml beverage can contains 5ppm iron, then each can provides 1.75mg of iron, approximately one tenth of the 18mg daily iron intake recommendation. As fruit and vegetables offer little iron on their own, it is ideal to use our food tinplate can for food storage.

3. Comat tinplate products, such as our beverage tinplate can and oil tinplate can, offer a totally closed system which protects the contents from deterioration caused by light, oxygen, and humidity. Also, our tinplate can helps preserve flavor and keep out any foreign odors, while increasing the shelf life of its contents.

4. We at Comat adopt advanced technologies and equipment in manufacturing our tinplate sheet. For example, our electrolytic tinning lines employ Nippon technologies from Japan, and our superior electrostatic oiler reduces scratches and corrosion of tinplate products, markedly.

In addition to tinplate sheet, we also provide aerosol tinplate can, bottle tinplate can, paint tin can, and other products, which are popular for packaging food, beverages, oil, paint, aerosols, and other daily products.
If you have a need for our products, please contact us. We at Comat are confident that you will be pleased with our reliable products and excellent customer service.

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