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Welcome to website of Comat! We are an experienced tinplate sheet coil manufacturer in China. In order to produce reliable tinplate sheet, we have a complete range of manufacturing equipment, including 16 sets of reversing cold rolling machines, 2 sets of four-rack continuous rolling machines, 72 bell furnaces, 4 sets of electrolytic tinplate production lines, 10 sets of trimming plants, 5 sets of rectifying plants, 4 sets of cleaning lines and 5 sets of horizontal cutting lines.

1. Our rolling machine is equipped with advanced automatic generating control (AGC) system for precise and stable plate thickness, the minimum of which reaches 0.18mm.
2. The annealing line has reasonable structure. It provides batch annealing (BA) and continuous annealing (CA) products, with the temper degree range of T-2, T-3 and T4.
3. We have four sets of electrolytic tinplate line, with annual capacity of 200,000 tons. It is equipped with imported superior electrostatic oiler, providing oil treatment according to specific customer requirements to minimize the chance of scratching and rusting of the tinplate sheet coil.
4. We adopt the horizontal and vertical cutting lines from Taiwan, which are of high cutting precision.

The sophisticated production equipment, together with advanced testing devices, like the hardness tester, and tin coating tester, e.g. has provided double assurance of the superior quality and high productivity of our tinplate sheet. Hence, you can feel secure in choosing our tinplate sheet coil. Located in Wuxi city, we have easy access to different forms of transportation, which allows us to ship goods at reasonable rates for our clients. If you are in search of the tinplate sheet coil, please feel free to contact us and try our products. We at Comat are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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